Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tales of a Mundane Nature: Come to a Close

Some time ago I had written about a woman who had contacted me about Baba Yaga for her college paper she was writing.

First Contact

Then, some months later, she had written to me again asking for an interview and if I could dress in garb and tell a story for her class. Sadly, most everything was at Pennsic, but I had something I could wear.

Second Contact

Well, I feel awful I never really wrapped everything up because the response came not long after Pennsic and fairly close to the holiday rush. But here it is:

"Thank you so very much for your major contribution to my A paper!  Your part in the powerpoint presentation really brought everything together perfectly.  The story is great.  Thanks again for both your expertise and your kindness :)"

This added to the bonus of receiving her whole power point production and hopefully I will also soon get the video of the interview and performance to post up here, but for now...

Look! I'm part of a bibliography! That is probably one of the coolest feelings ever!