Sunday, July 13, 2014

YOU Are An Inspiration!

Often, I know even I have issues with feeling like I barely make a difference in the SCA. I look at the large pond, like at Pennsic, and feel that there I am like many others. I have hopes, I have dreams, I have hobbies, I have enthusiasm. But, because of that, I don't stand out.

I also know that I have used, and heard others use, the term 'be the changes you want to see'. Tonight I was sitting down and really thinking about that. Be the change. How is being the change you want to see going to do much of anything?

Here is an example. My Commedia Troupe is hurting for attendance. We could really use more participants or, even as important, audience members. We aren't pushy. There is no hierarchy. We all just like to have fun and would like to have fun with more people. People are nervous about joining us, though. They feel like it would be awkward and, worse, 'what can one person do'. How can they support us, because they like what we are doing, without participating in the acting? How could they help us to raise our attendance so they can see more of what they enjoy?

Be the change you want to see.

Do you realize how influential you are? Do you realize how people look up to you? Do you realize what a difference YOU can make? YOU are an inspiration! Don't push it off on someone else. Don't think that someone else will do it and you can just sit back quietly. This isn't somebody else's problem. Go out there! Support the things you love!

Are you in this kind of situation? Do you find there is something in your Barony/Shire or even your Kingdom that seems to be lacking? Are you perhaps not so good at what it is (be it fighting, fencing, archery, calligraphy, etc), but you want to see it grow and prosper because you really do enjoy it, even if you can't do it? Be that change!

Sometimes all you need to do is go to the meetings. Take an hour or two, bring your crafts you are able to do with you, maybe, and go and just... be a support. It raises morale just to have new people. It refreshes the crew. I can't even begin to express how wonderful it has been to have A&S night on the same evening as Vocal Group in my area. The vocal group has an audience! Sometimes people hum along! It brightens everyone's mood to share their passions. There is no reason to agonize over 'I can't do that'.

People will notice. You will stand out. You will make a change for the better. Perhaps coming to the archery practice to watch people shoot will inspire you to song and the archers may be inspired to go to another practice in their area to learn, or even just watch. We are a community that our strength is in supporting one another.

So never think that you wont make a difference. Never believe that your voice wont be heard or that you are invisible. You are you, and because of that, you are incredible. You are an inspiration. You are a rockstar!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wentlyanna's Silver Crescent

This particular scroll was a bit tricky as I have been told that the words for a Silver Crescent were different than the words for an AoA.

I ended up asking for particular moments to add from two specific people in order to make the scroll feel more personalized. These are the words I had come up with in the end, inspired by a letter from Hildebert of Lavardin (c. 1120?)

"Brennan Augustus, Emperor Orientalis, and Caoilfhionn Augusta, Empress Orientalis, to Our subject Wentlyanna Bengrek, We send strength and perpetual joy. From what We hear about you Our spirits rejoice for We know that you have been led to the path of service and run unobstructed to the East Kingdom's call. We have seen that you are a most brilliant marshal surrounded by troops of fencers; that you provide what is necessary to the field, to assist the community or fight most willingly. We also attend your confessions of hospitality to highborn and lowborn, barons, knights, stewards alike, going as far as to provide a parade of fools with refreshment under the sun all in the name of Our Kingdom. Service is a great treasure and it needs great care. You, therefore, remember to embrace this, knowing that there is nothing by which to triumph more gloriously over stagnation. You could do little except the good to which you bound yourself in with wisdom and the smile you wear. This is indeed right and just, that you might receive the awaited reward, necessary to add to the others. If you don't know what this course is, it is best understood by these present letters. You hereby shall be and are inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent, with all the rights and honors attendant thereon, and are hereby directed, assigned, and instructed to bear the insignia of said Order as a sign of your worth and Our favor. Sealed and inscribed by Our hand on the 5th of July, A.S. XLIX in Our Barony of Glenn Linn at Northern Region War Camp."

To try and keep with Wentlyanna'sWelsh persona, I had decided to use a page from the Ricemarch Psalter, and 11th century manuscript:

And here is the final result: