Friday, November 22, 2013

You Inspire Me Project Month of October

Based on Brussels Hours, circa 1400.

OMG!! LOOK!! A BEAR!! And he is all dressed up as if he just walked over from Russia. I wonder if other areas also had traveling bear acts?

Today's inspiration has about as much A&S ADD as I do, but I think she is much more productive with it. Perhaps when my son is as old as her incredibly cute and brilliant daughter, I may be able to do as much as she does.

Lady Barry does everything. Leather working, doll making, costuming, you name it. It is like everything she touches just comes out amazing. And she loves to show the pictures and talk about her process with people.

OMG! And she is so approachable! If you do ANYTHING she will be more than happy to sit and talk with you for hours about your recent projects. She is pretty incredible.

Based on Hours of Englebert of Nassau, circa 1480 -1490.

I fell in love with this the second I saw it. The reason is because it was a trompe l'oiel bordering around the rest of the work. I love that style of painting, though I was never very good at it. But I loved it so much I simply had to try it out. So this was my attempt (all by brush, including the lettering today) and I have to say I am simply in love with this card.

Today's inspiration is one of my favorite people to hang out with at Pennsic: Master John Maacguire of Macguire's Marauderers. You know, the big barbie pink and white striped tent across from the A&S tent.

Why do I adore John? How does he inspire me? How can you not be inspired by someone who bring a sewing machine to Pennsic every year to sew a whole new Italian outfit each year for someone? Usually for Billy's wife at the Casa. Always always giving! Always! His hospitality is second to none. He offers travelers ice cold water, a selection from the chocolate library, stories, scones, whatever there is on hand. His camp is one of the most relaxed places at Pennsic, with people all over just lounging about on hammocks or somewhere else in the shade. He offers a haven to any person that enjoys to perform to an audience not just during the evening with his fires, but also during the day with a ribbon bedecked mug hanging off the main tent.

John is always gentle and soft with his words and actions. He is another person that wears his heart on his sleeve. He is incredibly humble and amazingly sweet. Seek him out. Ask him to tell you a Rothgar story. You will NOT regret it.

Based on Boccaccio: Of Famous Women, circa 1465-1470.

Again, playing with the gold. I'm liking this gold for specific reasons I can't quite describe, even if it does weird me out to use.

Today's inspiration is Aneleda Falconbridge. This woman doesn't need an introduction, really. When I think of strong women, I think of her. She stands tall, she has a voice no one can ignore, and she is brilliant when it comes to creating music. Part of her brilliance is that she dives into the fray and so she can get into the mindset of the fighters and what would rally them more than I ever could as just a bystander.

Aneleda is a beautiful and brilliant woman full of talents. It certainly isn't just in her music, though she is incredible with what she does.

I am glad to know Aneleda. I am proud to call her friend. I am awed to watch her perform by the fire or on the field. Even if she didn't fight, she would still be one of the strongest women I know. She stands by her feelings and will not let anyone knock her down. She will stand up for the little guy. She is a natural born protector with a fierce love for her friends. She is a good person to know. And, I know I'm not the first to say it, she is an incredible inspiration.

Based on Tre's Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry, circa 1410-1416.

I am getting to the point where I don't have much to say on cards anymore. When that changes, this paragraph section will return, I'm sure.

Today's inspiration is Master Anton of Winteroak. Anton holds a very special place in my heart with his manner of teaching and encouraging others. He is laid back, easy going, knows a plethora of things about a menegerie of topics, and he gives some of the best hugs ever!

But seriously, Anton has this joy for teaching and doing things that is just infectious. And he is also incredibly humble about his teachings. For example, the recently run Commedia Camp in my neck of the woods, Anton was very excited to help in putting it together and get the activities running. And any time there was a speed bump or someone asking 'how can we do x' he would say 'well, this is how my troupe has done it before. And this is how it was sometimes done in peroid. And hey... everyone else out there... how do you guys do it?' And there is nothing better than knowing there are tons of different techniques. Anton is really good at helping you see and find different techniques.

And he likes to learn. He will soak up the information you give him and even makes comparisons to other things he knows. It is a lot of fun to learn and talk with Anton.

Don't know him? Meet him. I bet you get a hug. And possibly have your picture taken.

Based on the Codex Aureus Epternacensis, circa 1030.

I have a love/hate relationship with celtic knotwork. This made me love it a little more than hating it.

Today's inspiration in an inspiration when it comes to classes. Today's inspiration is Ursula.

I've told her this in person, so don't worry, but she is kind of my hero when it comes to how to run a class. And not just run a class, but class hand outs. I have modeled everything I have done as far as classes based on how amazing she ran a class at my first ever Cooks and Bards.

The thing about Ursula is she believes the class should be based on the skills and knowledge that you take in there, and not on what is written on the paper you bring back. You learn by listening, by doing. You remember by taking notes. If you are caught up in a pamphlet of class notes, you wont be paying attention to the teacher.

Ursula teaches with passion and finesse and energy. I honestly think she gave the first class I ever remember taking in the SCA. There is nothing better, nothing you will remember longer, than taking a class taught by someone who obviously has a passion for it... and a passion for those wanting to learn it.

Ursula is an amazing person. Talking to her in any sense you will feel and see that passion and life in her, even if you don't take her classes. You can see it when she performs. You can see it in all her work. She is an incredible inspiration to me.

Based on the Hours of Jeanne D'Evreux, circa 1325-1328.

Mmmm. Simplicity.

Today's card is inspired by Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy. I don't think there is a single person in the bardic community that doesn't know this man. And I will never forget the first time I met him.

I was on my way, traveling to Cooks and Bards in Pennsylvania. I was asking my travel companion, Grim, who I would meet there. I hadn't been in the SCA long, but big names are still big names and you hear about them no matter how long you have been in the society for. I was told about all the big name bards and my eyes opened wide. Effenwylt, Marajah, Dorigen,... all these amazing people, and Llywelyn.

The next morning, while everyone slept in, I got dressed and headed to breakfast. I was alone. I was new in the SCA. I was terrified. A really nice man offered for me to join him and his lady and I happily accepted and began to chat with them both. Another person came by and asked to sit next to me. I smiled and offered him the seat. That was when I heard..

"Hey, Effenwylt. How are you doing?" Holy crap I was sitting next to Effenwylt! I couldn't breathe!

"I don't think we've met... and you are?"


And I couldn't bite my tongue. I blurted out "Oh my god! Llywelyn! I've heard so much about you! I have heard how great you are and all these things you do and oh my goodness, I am so excited to meet you!"

"Nope. You must be thinking of the wrong guy."

No. I wasn't. I met THAT Llywelyn that morning and he was that guy and he lived up to EVERYTHING I had been told about him. I have since had the honor of seeing him perform multiple times and still am awed by his performances, and I even had him stay at my home once.

He is a humble man and contagiously cheerful. His performances are all about having fun and never make me feel like he is on stage performing at me, but more just chatting with me and telling a story. It is fantstic. He has inspired me many times over the years. He is an incredible guy.

Based on Simon Psalter, cirrca before 1300.

Today there was a change. I decided to try using a parchment paper instead. It gives a whole new feel the to inking process. I hope to get to try vellum some time soon. This card doesn't have the same heft, but it is still incredible.

Today's inspiration... ha. Russian. I have so many choices! But, no, there is only one person that has been quite an inspiration to me recently, and that is Mistress Sfandra Dmitrieva. This is a woman who met me one day at Birka and told me that I inspired her. I made her want to amp up her game. And all I could do was look at her in amazement with her Russian garb and her KoE and her Laurel and her perfect Russian accessory (have you met her borzoi Velvet?) and... wow. That was where I wanted to be. I wanted to be at that level of just knowing my persona from the inside out like that. And oh! OH! There was nothing better in the WORLD than to come across her and say 'OMG! You are Russian and I can actually tell!' Because, you see, I can't always tell. Sometimes it is very Byzantine mingled and hard to spot.

Sfandra is A-MAZ-ING! Jovial and kind and giving and oh good gracious full of the smarts of all the things! I could sit and talk to her for hours! She is another one of those people so full of life and excitement and passion when she talks about her hobbies that, if she were a dog, I am sure her tail would be waggling all over the place.

Meet Sfandra. I know that I am focusing a lot on her Russian, but she really knows an incredible amount of things about an incredible amount of topics. Russian is just, for some reason, very near and dear to my heart.

Sfandra, holy moly... you inspire me!

Based on the Miracles de Notre-Dame, circa 1456.

Sometimes I fall in love with a pattern and I want to do the whole card from the pattern. Today it was the floor and the book cover in the manuscript.

Today's inspiration is Joseph the Bold. This is a man who is finally getting to do what he loves, what he is passionate about: create bows, teach archery, and study how to make it better. It is something I have always admired about Joseph. He will teach anyone. He has a vast knowledge of what he is doing, and he takes it all into creating beautiful pieces that he doesn't just sell, but he gives as gifts: to the barony, to the kingdom, to new archers he sees starting out that he sees potential in. He does what he loves, and he loves what he does. That passion can be seen through and through just talking to him or, better yet, watch him work. Watch him make a bow or watch him shoot. His passion becomes a zen like peace. He is living his dream and it inspires me to want to do the same thing.

Based on Historia Naturalis, circa 13th century.

COLORS! And, oddly, reminds me very much of the Carmina Burana. I wonder if the technique in one inspired the other.

Today's inspiration is my very own Commedia Troupe, Le Mezze Lune! You guys make Monday's worth it.

This is a troupe of dedicated people. People who are dedicated to the most important thing in the world: having a good time. I am constantly impressed, awed, and proud of the things I see us doing as a group and it inspires me to want to do more. We get together weekly and the fun we have lasts through the whole week for me. I don't think I've looked forward to doing something every week like this since I was very young.

You guys make my day. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Based on the Travels of the Knight, John Mandeville, circa 1400's.

Sometimes I fall in love with patterns. I loved the sky in this. I think I would need to do it a few more times to get the techniqe down, but I love the trees.

Today's inspiration is Rosalind Jehanne. I first met her at Cooks and Bards and, although I don't really know her, though we do smile and say hello to each other upon passings, her voice and talent has always stuck with me. She is a supremely amazing artist in the field of performance, both in the songs she writes to listening to her sing. I could close my eyes and listen to her for hours. She is always so jovial with a smile on her face and very approachable. Her talent, though, is what made me say 'I would love to be able to write music'. I think I need to study more to be up to the talent that she has, but wow. Just wow. From the moment I met her, she has always been an incredible inspiration to me.

Based on The Vienna Coronation Gospels, circa just before 800.

I know I didn't use the yellow, but I wanted the patterns to actually show up. I'm happy with my choice.

Today's inspiration is Master Macsen. One of my favorite quotes to describe Macsen is: "He shoots like a God.... and that God it Bacchus!"

Macsen is one of those people that it is just a ton of fun to hang out with him. He is another person that knows how to put the fun into the SCA. If you bring up his name, I assure you someone will have a story about him, whether it be sitting in court eating sausages, having the perfect quip for when someone falls out of bed and, in turn, their tent, or even just working around the forge with him.

Macsen is a great guy to just walk up to and start talking to. He is a smorgasboard of mystery, as you are never sure what you are going to get. But he is always full of fun. There are a lot of things I would like to learn from Macsen, from blacksmith to archery to the songs he knows. But mostly, I am encouraged and inspired by his level of 'if you aren't having fun, why are you still doing it?'

Based on Nizami: Khamsa (Quintet), circa 1539-1543.

Oh Persian manuscripts, how I love your designs and fun work. So beautiful that I just want to do a scroll covered in patterns from the Persian manuscripts.

Today's inspiration is Kathryn. I'm sure not that many people know of her, but you should. Yes, she has talent. All of her garb, her children's garb, and sometimes even friend's and friend's children's garb is sewn by hand. She does beading and singing and dancing and has a talent at all of the above. She doesn't always use patterns: her ideas come straight from her mind. In many ways, she loves the Medieval life better than some that I know.

But that isn't why I choose her today. It is all incredible and you should meet her and see her work, but today I choose her because of the person she is. She is giving to a fault, kind in nature, laid back, relaxed, easy going. She doesn't have ulterior motives. She just wants to smile and have a good time, and more importantly, she wants to make sure everyone she has has a good time to. So if that means cooking enough dinner to feed 50 people, she will do it. If it means helping out in the kitchen so the cooks aren't stressed, she wont even give it a second thought and will have a good time while she's doing it. She jumps to help at ever chance, she gives of herself no matter how much, or little, she has to give. She treats everyone she meets with the same welcoming hospitality and kindness. She is an incredible woman and is well worth hunting down. You will be glad you met her and she may just become a life long friend.

Based on Beufort Hours, circa 1400-1410.

Today's inspiration is Ana de Guzman. This is a woman who has always inspired me, both with her strength of person and with her performances. There are very few people that I can remember their performances or remember conversations we have had, but Ana is one of those people. Her words are always encouraging and inspirational, either in conversation or in performance.

Ana is a kind woman, a strong woman, and although I don't see her much in the SCA anymore, she is ever as beloved as when I first met her and I look forward to any time I may see her in the future. She holds herself with grace, dignity, beauty... she exudes joy and life in everything she does. Ana is an incredible person and I wish everyone knew her. She is one of those people that can change your life and make you smile again.

Based on the Lorsch Gospels, circa 810.

Todays' inspiration is none other than Lord Nicholas. He is one of the first and most positive influences I (and I know MANY people) had in the field of archery. Nicholas is one of the most patient and giving men I have run across. He has a talent in being able to teach anyone, of any age or experience, not just how to shoot, but how to choose a proper bow and arrows. I know I am not the first person that he treated to a date of scouring through all of Pennsic to find that perfect bow that just made sense on all accounts for you.

Nicholas is one of those people I don't think I have ever seen in a bad mood, never seen frown, and certainly have never seen him say a bad word about anyone. He is an exemplary case of both courtesy and, in my eyes, chivalry. He wins competitions with grace and speaks brilliant words about his competition, at how good they are as archers. He will never put someone down. If he is teaching you, he will give gentle corrections by asking 'do you think you might be a little more comfortable if you...' Because, with Nicholas, everything is about what is comfortable, fun, and makes you happy.

Nicholas is an inspiration in his gentle nature and his skills at teaching. I don't think anyone that has come across him has anything but positive things to say. Thank you, Nicholas, for being you.

Based on Menasilnama Book of Campaign Stations, circa 1534.

Today's inspiration is Lady Phaedra. This woman is smart, beautiful, and incredibly kind. She is always thinking of others, thinking of things she can do to help out or make someone's day a little more special. She hand crafted a coin specifically for the household, has given out vials of sweet scented incense to cleanse souls, and has helped out where ever she sees a need.

Phaedra is that kind of back ground person that I wish I could be. Just silently doing things to help others, creating amazing things in quiet to gift to people. She is an inspiration in her actions and her words. Kind, gentle, funny, and certainly a pleasure to spend company with.

Based on Codex Aureus, circa 870.

Today's inspiration is an important one to me. And I don't know who to tag in order to get the words out.

Back in May, I wrote these words:

"I just want to thank Clan Campbell for everything they did this weekend at War of the Roses. News is still flooding in about this group and their welcoming outstretched arms and kindness towards those in the SCA, both long standing members and newbies alike. You are a group I look up to for your hospitality towards all. Thank you from a simple Russian who understands and appreciates the meaning of hospitality."

This is a group of people I am proud to know, and I hope someday I can have a portion of the hospitality they offer at every single event they have a presence at. I have never heard anything but positive words about this clan in particular. They should all be proud and know that they are recognized as being, at least to me, shining examples of what good you can find in the SCA. They are most certainly, and always will be, an inspiration to me on how to do things in the SCA correctly. They are beloved by many, and they should be. Every single member of that clan offers something different that they bring to the group as a whole. Singing, cooking, it doesn't matter. Whatever they have to offer, they will give to you. A cloak off their own back, a tent or some other sleeping quarters, food, coffee, you name it.

They humble me with their nature. They are a group that I consider is not just an amazing and giving household, but they are an incredible service to the whole society with their nature and being.

Next time you are at an event in the East, or at Pennsic... ask for them. People know them. They will lead you to a magical place where the instant you step through that gate, they will make sure you feel at home.

Based on the Beatus de iebana: Commentary on the Revelation of St John, circa before 1000.

Today's inspiration is the Household Dione Sidhe. This is another group that is very welcoming and very service oriented. So service oriented that there may not actually be anyone in camp most days, but that is what makes them so nice.

They eat dinner as a family, always reserving an extra plate just in case a lost soul wanders in hungry. They work together to bring the Coffee House to War of the Roses every year to keep everyone stocked with water, gatorade, baklava, and other delightful goodies. They see helping the populace as their main goal. And they are fantastic at what they do.

Look for the sign of the duck. Follow it to Dione Sidhe. Get to meet these wonderful people. They are an inspiration in their giving attitudes and the joy they take in seeing others smile.

Based on the Bible Di Borso d'Este, circa 1455-1461.

Today has been difficult. I almost did not have the inspiration to pick up the project today. But then I remembered words that will stick with me for my entire life.

My mother once said two things that shaped my whole life. One was, "You will always be welcome back home". The other was, "No matter what you choose to do in life, as long as you are happy I will always be proud of you."

Those things have stuck with me. No matter how difficult life is, no matter how hard things can be, I know I always have a place where I belong, I always have that refuge. And even if my life becomes just vending at events or making cakes or... anything. It doesn't matter what I do, my mother will always be proud. Even if some people think it may be a step down from a career or that living with such simple means for financial reasons is not a worthy goal, as long as I can genuinely say that I am happy, my mother will be proud.

Well, mom, a lot of the things you have said have stuck with me, but those two have changed my life. Because I know I will always have at least one person in my corner, at least one person standing behind me no matter where I go and what I do. You will always be there.

And with that, you inspire me to be that same kind of loving and giving mother to my own son. I hope when he grows up, he knows what I know and feels in his heart what I feel - no matter how much you think you screw up, you will be loved unconditionally.

Thank you, mom, for everything you have done and all that you are. I don't think I would be half the woman I am today if it weren't for you.

Based on Jami: Haft Awran The Seven Thrones, circa 1556-1565.

Today's inspiration is someone I couldn't have gotten through a lot of my life without. Going through some chaos and turmoil right now, I'm looking towards my mundane inspirations that I've always looked to in difficult times. They always know what to say, where to go, what to do to cheer me up. And, more importantly, this person has never let me forget that I am worth a lot and I deserve the best that there is out there.

Today's inspiration is my best friend from High School, Lynnette. No matter how much time passes, we can get together as if no time has passed at all. She has always been able to 'get me' without me needing to say anything. She has always been accepting of me and all of my faults. And more than anything, she has been encouraging and uplifting in my life.

I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. Watching how much she has grown, how much she has done, the strength in her that has helped her to get where she is now... it is incredibly encouraging, incredibly inspiration. I look up to her often. She is an incredible person.

Thank you for sticking with me through all the years. I have certainly missed your presence in my life and glad you are back now.

Based on Emperor Fredrick II: The Art of Falconry, circa 1258-1266.

While continuing to wrestle with my demons, today's card is inspired by the biggest influence in my life over the past year and a half: my therapist Stephanie. She has taught me that I am strong, deserving of compassion, and that I should allow myself to go for the gold of what would make me happy. It is my life, and I should grab it by the horns and pull it where I need to go.

I have grown and healed and learned so much about myself just by having someone who can listen. I am not embarrassed to say I go to a therapist. I don't think I would know myself half as well as I do if it weren't for her patience and ability to listen and ask me the hard questions that I'm too scared to ask myself.

So today, she gets a castle tower. A parapet where I stand and view the world. Strong foundation of self, forever growing upwards, tall and beautiful. This is what she helped to create just by giving me the materials and reminding me where I can find the blueprints. I am forever grateful and inspired by conversations we have.

Based on the Poetical Works of Guillaume De Machaut, circa 1355-1360.

Today's inspiration is Mistress Deonna. For those of you that do not know her, Mistress Deonna is a wonder when it comes to the world of music. She encourages period music, teaches, and collaborates with other musicians to create memorable moments that transport you in time.

Mistress Deonna is always more than willing to sit down and talk, sing, or play music. I have had some wonderful conversations with her about what good books to look at might be or songs good for the amounts and types of singers in a group. There are times we would pass each other in the market place and sing a few lines of a song at each other before continuing on our way.

Deonna is a wonderful person to talk to in reference to the arts of music. She is very giving with her knowledge which is wonderful. A huge inspiration to me when it comes to period music.

Based on Jean Mansel: The Flower of History, circa 1455.

Today's inspiration are some of the hardest and most dedicated people I know when it comes to schlepping and decorating and making sure the job gets done by any means: the twins Staldo and Taldo. Yes. Not kidding.

I don't think I have ever seen these guys not smiling. They help out any time that help is needed and seem to always do so without complaint.

But more than that? They are always friendly! They are fun and humorous and hard working. I love seeing them at events (although sometimes you have to be quick. Staldo and Taldo spottings are rare ones indeed). A true inspiration in how to volunteer and still have fun while doing it.

Based on The Morgan Crusader's Bible, circa 1250.

Today's inspiration is Gwenliana. She is another person I know who is always busy, always helping out anywhere and everywhere help is needed. See a need, fill a need.

Gwenliana is another person who you will rarely see in any mood except jovial. She always has a smile on her face, always friendly and welcoming and inviting. She is nothing but kin...d to everyone she meets. I remember a time helping her in the hospitality tent when the parade of fools came by and she offered each and every one of those children a freezepop. When they got down and started bowing and chanting 'We love you! We love the East!' you should have seen her blush! Sweet, kind, and humble.

Gwenliana is a fantastic person to become friends with. Someone who will stick by your side, fiercely loyal, and one of the sweetest women you ever met. She is an inspiration with her attitudes and passion towards kindness and hospitality.

Based on the Sforza Hours, circa 1490.

Today's inspiration is Mistress Zsof, the first person I ever saw perform that I couldn't tell if I was terrified by her force and power or whether I had just been struck down with the awe of her abilities.

Zsof is a force. She is a force of nature. She holds herself with pride and strength and having the honor of watching her perform causes you to zone out and just fall deep into the wells of her voice as she paints the story around you without effort. Or, that is how it feels to me.

But I know what she does isn't without effort. I have seen her passion and excitement in learning and discovering new things to work on. And I know she works hard to create the environment that works so well for her when she performs.

From the first time I ever saw her perform I said I wanted to be more like her. I wanted, when I told stories, to have this aura about me that just caused people to fall into my persona, my time period, and just BE. Some day I hope I will have done enough work to cause the same effect. Until then... I will continue to strive and look up to Zsof, terrified and awed, as I become enveloped in her power of story, well researched and hard worked upon.

Based on the Bible of Jean de Vaudetar, circa 1372.

Today's inspiration is Ose Silverhair. She is someone I do not know as well as I would like and has an incredible talent and love for fiber. And as amazing as she is with fiber, what really inspires me is how, even in A&S competitions and displays, she focuses on the science, on the learning and teaching of the things that people seem to quickly bypass in order to get to a final production of something.

There is something about the science of how things were done that catches my attention a lot more firmly than the finished product. I like seeing how the paints are made as it helps me to understand how they got the effects in the paintings. I love seeing how a workshop would have been built to work metal because then it helps make more sense what would have come out of the workshop.

Ose has that same need and desire in her to understand the spin and twist of her fibers on different tools to be able to understand more of why certain fibers were as they were. And that joy and love inspires me to keep thriving in the science of creation and love the process as much as the finished product.

Based on Gregory the Gread: Moralia in Job, circa 1111.

Today's inspiration is a man in my Commedia troupe Le Mezze Lune who jumped in with both feet and his progress and growth has been incredible. That man is Arthur, our Arlecchino.

Arthur was unsure when he began, but really wanted to try and have fun, loosen up. He was stiff at first and not fully understanding of the role, but the further we have gone with working on Commedia, the more he has grown. He has never once said he was uncomfortable or not enjoying himself or that things were too hard. He just always chugged along and it is obvious that he has grown into the role of Arlecchino. It is just amazing to see someone fall into something so naturally and with so much joy. It has been incredible.

Based on the Gospels of Henry the Lion, circa 1175-1188.

Today's inspiration is someone that, as tends to happen, sometimes is thought of as just the significant other of a friend. He has always been very friendly and funny and I have enjoyed spending time with him. But because of Le Mezze Lune, he has fallen into his own and found something he enjoys and is making a name for himself. Guy!

Guy (aka Paul) has made my heart swell with joy seeing him jump onto Commedia and just become this amazing actor. I don't think any of us ever knew, including him. But I can't explain how wonderful it has been to see him grow and have something he can now call his own. He always enjoyed the SCA, but I think this is going to make him enjoy it even more. It isn't the need for a destination, but there is always a need for community, and I think he just found that.

It has inspired me from the beginning how he is happy to try anything, go anywhere his wife asks, and hang out with everyone. Always happy, never judging of a single person, he just enjoys everyone and everything there is out there. And to live life and actually enjoy the living of life... how can you not be inspired by that?

Based on King Rene's Book of Love, circa 1460-1467.

Today's inspiration is Mistress Anestrina. This woman is incredible when it comes to the world of garb. And it isn't just her talents, but how she teaches and gives advice. She never says anything discouraging, but always helps people continue to strive for their best. She will say 'well, have you thought of doing x?' or 'I can see you may have had some trouble here.'

Getting to talk with her is always a pleasure, diving into the joys of historical sewing. She is incredibly knowledgeable, incredibly friendly, and incredibly excited to talk shop.

Based on Grandes Chroniques de France, circa around 1460.

Today's inspiration is Rowen. Rowen, one of my favorite inspirational heralds. How can you not be inspired by someone who encourages you to do so many different things?

Rowen is one of those amazing people who seems to be able to read a situation, read a person, and is knowledgeable for what to do in any circumstance. Of course, he teaches classes on how to do this, shuffling information and various other political things to be able to get an end result that will make everyone happy. Incredibly intelligent when it comes to social situations and someone I would love to learn more from in how to do that.

But more so, that whole encouragement thing? Yeah. He is one of those people who is good to plot evil schemes with because he will continue to prod you until you end up doing it. And his smiles just draw you in. He is friendly and encouraging no matter if he knows you or not.

But, really? He loves to teach and is excited to see people learning. And that is why he encourages. Because to see people learn and accomplish things that they may never have tried originally fills him with joy.

Based on Bible of Borso D'Este, circa 1455-1461.

Today's inspiration is Lady Judith, an incredible performer, busker, and friend. Lady Judith is always in a good mood, fully of smiles, incredibly friendly... and always willing to jam.

I adore how sharing Judith is with her songs. It's incredible to see one of her performances and to double over in laughter at some of the incredible songs she has invented.

She is always encouraging in the field of performance and a great person to hang out with to learn about busking. I have always been inspired by her ability to just always be out there and consider any venue a stage. I seem to have enough difficulties getting on stage when it is a stage, but she is able to perform with gusto no matter where or when and that, to me, is amazing. And I adore her for it.

Based on the Codex Amiatinus, circa 716.

Today's inspiration is Hobbe. Hobbe is an archer in my area who is also incredibly strong in the field of volunteering and hospitality. He is another person I know that seems to follow the belief of 'see a need, fill a need'.

Although perhaps with a tough looking exterior, Hobbe is just a warm softee inside and cares very much for his friends. Anyone who knows him would agree that he would give you the shirt off his back if you were in need.

And perhaps the thing that makes Hobbe so special in my eyes is that, no matter what life throws at him, he keeps on trucking. He has changed lives through friendship. He has given of his time and energy to the Barony and the Kingdom. And everything that he does, he follows the belief that if you stop having fun, why bother doing it.

It is humbling watching Hobbe and all that he does. It inspires me to want to be a better person and give more back to the community of the SCA.