Saturday, September 12, 2015

Olivia Baker's Order of the Pine

I have been suffering with a lot of medical aliments recently, the most recent of which being a broken arm. It put a halt on nearly all of my creating which threw me into a sadness of epic proportions. That is until I got a request to do a scroll for the neighboring Barony, Concordia of the Snows. It wasn't just that it was a request, but it was a scroll request for someone I dearly adore and I just couldn't say no. I was going to pour my heart into this scroll just in case the rest of my body wasn't up to it.

I requested words from Mistress Ysemay Sterlyng, who is also a good friend of Olivia, knowing that she would enjoy helping out here. The words she wrote were as follows:

"With a song on her lips and generosity in her heart, does Lady Olivia Baker serve Our Barony of Concordia of the Snows. Whatever she does, whether organizing events, fulfilling the duties of exchequer, or encouraging and inspiring others, Lady Olivia toils with style and grace. Thus do We, Baron Jean-Paul and Baroness Lylie, induct her into the Order of the Pine, so that all may know her as a valued asset to Concordia. Done this day September 12th, at the Arts and Sciences Salon, A.S. X."

For inspiration, I turned to one of my favorite pieces: The Hours of Engelbert of Nassau, circa 1470-1480. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever run across, using trompeloi in the borders to beautiful effect.

Here is the original inspiration:

This ended up being the finished product:

Edit: I am not perfect. No scribe is. There are plenty of imperfections and misspellings, etc, even in period. Yes. I wrote the wrong AS year. I was never taught roman numerals and wasn't really thinking. I apologize. I assure you it is year 50, though. I wish I could write the actual date instead. I apologize for the error.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Finán mac Bressail's Silver Crescent Scroll

I was given an assignment for a Silver Crescent scroll for someone I did not know well and knew of another Silver Crescent who missed doing scrolls due to a variety of reasons. But Aislinn loves the research as much as I do, so together we worked together to make a wonderfully researched scroll for Lord Finán mac Bressail.

The words were created by Baroness Aislinn Chiabach, heavily inspired by The Brus by John Barbour. She wrote it in a particular style to medieval Scottish poetry, called "octosyllabic".

"As we King Omega of East
And Queen Etheldreda  attend
Of good Lord Finán mac Bressail
Who’s become known to royal ears.
That in this land this worthy man
became, a haven for those new.
Ah, Service is a noble thing!
Armor, weapons, made by his hands
Grace gentles and children alike.
Children, the heart's blood of the East,
Must be supported and taught.
He teaches, practices and leads
Our youth sparkle under his care
Some think service is marred by praise
Nay, say we! For all the silver
Shall be worn by thee on this day
In Crescent form with golden crown
For service is solace to all
Without which we could ne'er go on

The silver crescent We do give
On this day, July eleven
At the Great NorthEastern War in
Province of Malagentia." The illumination and calligraphy style was based on the Winchester Bible, dated 1160-1175.