Friday, November 9, 2012


Things are going to be a little quiet here for a spell while I organize thoughts and projects. I have recently taken back up in working and now I'm trying to juggle a job, being a stay at home mom, and my hobbies. And with the holidays coming up, well, let's just say I'm a busy little bear.

That said, I can tell you what my projects right now are:

I am still working on the Merode cup idea. My work area is adorable and pictures will be forthcoming when I have time to roll everything out of the house (this stump of wood is huge and heavy... I can NOT pick it up) and outside so there aren't toys and everything in the pictures.

I am working on a new story as requested from a lovely woman known as Emer. I should have that written out and tweaked in a few more days.

I have two songs I am working on, both medieval period pieces in another language. It is about time I start showing my status as a courtly performer as well a street performer. It is what we Skomorokhi are known for.

Speaking of Skomorokhi, research is going well and I've been taking notes. I have a big write up I plan on making and sending to the SIG list and possibly another SCA paper for printing.

In my research, I have seen proper clothing, instruments, and other ideas. I have been mulling these all around in my mind and plan to have a single Skomorokhi outfit for silly performances before Pennsic. I also have had offers of some fantastic wood from Arden if I give him measurements for the gusli I want to make. So, I will be scanning in the drawings from the book and see if he and I can figure out measurements and how to make this particular gusli.

Things are going apace. Look forward to updates.