Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tales of a Mundane Nature: Continued

Some of you may recall this post I wrote not about a month ago:

Tale of a Mundane Nature

The correspondence continued with this woman to the point where we decided to get together yesterday and record a performance since I wouldn't be able to perform it at her actual class.

So yesterday the woman came over, bringing her young child which was perfect for my son as he now had a play partner so mommy could entertain. What I didn't know was that she wanted to record and interview with me, so she gave me the questions to look over, all which I thought were really good questions. And it began to discussing what the SCA was as well as my persona and why I chose Katrusha. She vaguely knew about the SCA, so I had to explain what we were to her. And it was the first time she had ever heard my full SCAdian name, to which she smiled largely.

The questions, as I recall them, were:

-What is the SCA? And can you tell us a little about your persona, where and when she is from, and why you chose her?

-What drew you to Baba Yaga? How long have you been studying her for?

-Can you tell us about Baba Yaga's stance in slavic culture as a figurehead of embroidery and sewing, a goddess of femininity, the virgin, mother, and crone?

-Can you tell us more about how Baba Yaga is viewed as a Goddess of the forest and protector of the animals?

-Do you find Baba Yaga to be friend or foe and why?

They were good questions. And I feel I gave fairly good answers to all of them. Her actual paper was trying to prove Baba Yaga as being a friend instead of just a villian as she can normally be portrayed. We discussed a lot of the differences in the stories, including how the thematics differ between the rich and the poor in how they tell their stories of her.

When the interview was finished, I dressed up in my garb and we moved outside so I could perform in a more natural atmosphere. I told a fairly general story of two girls, one kind and the other selfish, being put into Baba Yaga's care. The kind girl was rewarded and the selfish one was devoured. This shows how Baba Yaga can be both a friend and even a parental figure.

When all was said and done, the woman expressed some interest in the SCA. I am hoping to keep contact with her so that she can even field questions from her class if any of them are interested in the SCA. She told me she plans to post the videos once she has them edited and spliced properly, and when finished, I will edit this entry and add them.

In either case, it was a lot of fun enjoying being interview on a topic I feel greatly passionate about. I hope others get to enjoy this feeling often as well.