Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apocalypse Tapestry Documentation

Apocalypse Tapestry
Boiarynia Katrusha the Skomorokh

I was approached to create a tapestry for the Beowulf immersion event. I was given a period picture to work off, the"Beatus Apocolypse Manuscript" from San Isidore de Leone Manuscript B31 Early 11th Century Biblioteca Nacional. The colors were bright, the image was worn in areas (which made me think this wasn't as much a 'tapestry' in period as much as a painted illumination), and they wanted the image much larger than I am certain the original was. Here are the steps I took in creating this image.

I purchased a linen canvas to paint this picture on. It was something that I am certain could have been found in period with a simple twill pattern. The paints that I chose were acrylic, unfortunately. Normally I would have chosen an oil paint which would have been used in period. I gave the canvas a quick gesso to make certain that I didn't bleed through the canvas and had a sharper image.

The more I painted, the more I was certain either they had a much steadier hand or this had to be done with quill pens in ink. Either way, this is my rendition of what was given to me.


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