Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lady Jenevieve's Silver Rapier Scroll

I was given the task of making a Silver Rapier scroll for a lady I did not know, but the story given about one of her most excellent deeds made me excited to work on the scroll.

For this scroll I chose a letter from Adelaide, circa 1262, for the wording inspiration. The original letter is here. My words are shown as follows:

"Edward Rex and Thyra Regina, defenders of the East, to all who see these present letters greetings in truth and honor.

Let it be known that Our faithful advisors confessed that a year ago, in the time of lord Florence of good memory, the good Lady Jenevieve Fiana Spillane made a certain inquiry on a certain controversy in a certain land which is called Æthelmearc, an inquiry in which she completed by diligently lifting her blade to teach the truth of things through the testimony of skill and endurance.

The judges of the controversy found Lady Jenevieve was in no way obligated, nor had she done injury to them or furnish matter of complaint in anything, but rather sought in her favor and friendship.

Hearing tell of the deeds of Our skilled ambassador of the East, We do therefore, under advisement of Our council, induct said Jenevieve into Our Order of the Silver Rapier with all rights and honors attendant thereon.

Lest by death or forgetting of Our said faithful advisors it should happen that knowledge of said gift disappears, We have ordered it to be consigned to writing and fortified by the protection of Our signs manual.

Dated in AS XLIX on March 28 on the event of Mudthaw in Our Barony of Settmour Swamp."
The inspiration for the calligraphy and illumination was taken from the Lambeth Apocalypse, circa 1260-1270.