Sunday, March 15, 2015

Invitation to Roses

I was requested to make an invitation to War of the Roses in Concordia for their Highnesses. The words were by Mistress Ysemay Sterlynge. Calligraphy and illumination based on gothica bastarda and, of course, cadels.

Words by Mistress Ysemay:

"Unto their most illustrious Highnesses, Darius and Etheldreda, from your most faithful Barony, Concordia of the Snows, greetings.
Although the bitter winds of Winter do blow and chill us to the marrow, all too soon will Spring bring warmth and the heat of War will enter our Realm. Thus, by the Grace of Jean Paul and Lylie, Baron and Baroness of Concordia, do we extend our heartfelt invitation to attend the annual War of the Roses. From the 22nd to the 25th days of May, A.S. XLIXI, our Barony will once again engage in battles both gentle and martial to hone our skills and elevate the prowess of your Eastern subjects. It is our sincere hope that You, Brave Darius and Wise Etheldreda will grace our fields and inspire Your people to greatness.
We patiently await your reply."

I had been waiting to post this one for awhile. Based on a variety of examples of pieces where faces and animals were depicted in the cadel design from the 1600's.


Les premieres Euvres de JACQUES DEVAULX , pillote en la marine (1583)

Calligraphic Alphabet (1592)