Thursday, January 19, 2017

Apollo's Arrow for Katherine Murray

Based on the design work of Elizabethan fans, this scroll was fully paper cut before glued together with another piece of darker paper and a white letter work done. The glue was fish glue, a period recipe.

The words were based on a Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh, 1584.

"Brion, King, and Anna, Queene, defenders of the East, to all people whome hear these presents, greetings.

Knowe yee that of Our welbeloued seruant Katherine Murray through her bowe shows especial grace, certaine science, and meere motion. She giues and graunts with arrow to take, and leade in the necessary safetie of al men.

Provided alwayes, and Our will and pleasure is, and Wee do hereby declare that saide Katherine Murray be giuen and graunted licence to holde, occupie, and enioye the right of Our Order of Apollo’s Arrow.

Witnesse Our Selues, at Kingdom 12th Night, in Barony of Ruantallan, the 14. day of January, in the one and fiftieth yeere of Our Society."

Words, calligraphy, and paper cut illumination done by me.

Examples of the paper cut fans: