Thursday, January 19, 2017

AoA for Evelyn of Easton

I'm a little back logged in getting some of my work up.

This is an award of arms that was created for Evelyn of Easton. It was done to appear like unto the manuscript of Playford's Gathering Peascods, as Evelyn is a dancer. The words were written by Lord Tristan le Chanticleer.

Gathering Lady Evelyn

To Gathering Peascods, Playford 1651, Arr. PCB

Section A – 1st Repeat
Now Avelina Queen
            and Kenric rightly King,
Are moved to dance and sing

Section A – 2nd Repeat
For cooks who keep the Weasel iced
            And feast to table bring
In joy as rafters ring.

Section B – 1st Repeat
‘Tis Evelyn of Easton’s hold
            Whose service makes Us bold
For virtues should be told

Section B – 2nd Repeat

            For she is light of foot
                        and quick with needled thread,
            We hold it enough said.

Section C – 1st repeat
In A.S. Fifty One,
            On September 3 is done,
As Smoking Rocks today takes pearls,
            New Baroncy unfurled,

Section C – 2nd repeat
For this and other charms,
            Bestow Award of Arms,
And cut the heralds short to greet,

            this Lady of the Court.