Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fava Class Day Four: Pantalone, Dottore, Servetta, Infernato, and stage slaps


- old is NOT an ailiment. It is just a condition that happens. This does NOT mean that Pantalone acts old and decrepit. He merely has a slight body posture change because of age.

-Followed a full life: a lover- most likely in marriage where Isabella/Flavio whomever came from
a zanni: worked hard for a living
a capitano: lived through many wars
This means that Pantalone (and Dottore as well) may be old, but can have the same steps and motions as the other archtypes for a variety of reasons.

In stance:
-World weighs down on Pantalone from age which causes his knees to bend more, his back to round out and rolling his pelvis/belly outwards. He is -not- hunched over. He remains with a good vertical access. This pose will make your thighs burn if you do it right.

-keep loose in the wrists and ankles. Do not drag/shuffle feet. Pantalone may take small steps (almost heel to toe), but he is still filled with energy. Walks heel first.

-When excited, Pantalone will lift foot quickly off the ground as if floor is on fire and then slowly put it back down again. He will do the same kind of step when angry.

-keep elbows out and up. Never fully extend arm, but he can still point and move just fine.

-Loves money. Every coin has a name, a shape, a color, a story.

-Pantalone is not a thief. He will not steal money.

-If not wanting to pay a loan, Pantalone will suddenly remember that he is old (aka- can't hear, aching back, stiff knees, etc.)


-Also weighed down by the world, but it causes instead for his back to arch outward, sticking out his stomache and keeping his knees and arms very open and bent.

-Walks with a similar step to Pantalone, but because of being such a large man (always pictured as a very large man who loves his gastronomy), a nearly small hop has to be inserted just for the effort of getting him off the ground.  Shoulders and elbows will bounce with the hop steps as if a bird (if he is not gesturing)

-Very bombastic. Whole world is his chalk board to draw on, refer to, create visual diagrams with as he answers questions. In other words, he speaks with his hands and his words will change in tone and texture depending on what he is talking about, almost like onomonopiae. (AKA if he is describing how to cook sausage he may say 'then you *makes sounds of frying* and you CRANK up the heat')

-It is always dangerous to ask him a question. It will take him hour to explain anything. He will make up theories and loops and roads and cross himself and follow his own logic that no one else can.

-Often is seen wearing robes and really big hats.

-When he stops walking, he plants his feet with authority as if saying 'I am here, you stupid people. You should be glad I am here.'

Servetta (such as Columbina)

-stands like a more upright zanni. Walks similar to signora.

-Often loves a 2nd zanni

-Often has little flip kicks in her step in order to pop her skirt up

-no mask. Beautiful woman.

Infernato AKA the white face (such as Pedrolino)

-Often has no mask but a face dipped in flour with a small red dot for mouth

-wears crisp, clean, very rich silken white clothing and a red skull cap

-disgusted at dirt, unlike other zanni. Nose often in the air looking down at the other zanni and at filth (which horrifies him)

-More vertical than other zanni. Has a similar step feel as la signora

-feels more important/better than the other zanni

-seen as a master of ceremony and a beauty expert (described in class as seriously metrosexual)

-every movement is a zanni movement, but more graceful.

-servetta and infernato live in the house, unlike zanni who are more of a rent a worker.

-Last scene of a play usually has all weddings being announced. Make sure to invite the audience. This is when everyone gets a small moment to say something to the audience.

-the madness of love can be a time where the lovers can be something other than divas and serious. It can also make the audience cry.

List of stage slap styles taught: punch in the face, full face slapping, small face slaps, grabbing of hair, pulling of ear, pulling of nose, head butts, nose flick, eye gouge, tickling.

Today's cavaccio was:

La Signora is being primped by her faithful servant Pedrolino to prepare for the Capitano's visit. Her husband tries to see her but is turned away multiple times. In the mean time, Capitano slips into the room as the husband decides to disguise himself as a gift to get in the room. Once in the room, he catches the lovers and they quickly need to make a lie as to who the Capitano is.