Friday, February 12, 2016

Fava Class Day Five: Wrapping up

-There are androgenous masks that can be used by the lovers as social masks (or other un-masked characters) if they want to meet in secret for the purposes of intrigue.

-You can not pronounce the name of the masked person until it is obvious you know who they are.

-Always look away when another person is doing their aparte or you will simply appear like part of the audience

-Capitano boasts: make something so impossible that even the skeptic has to hang on your every word. Make mistakes as you talk so that you can laugh them off.

-Never look at a person face to face during an aparte

-Always take off intrigue mask in one simple motion, holding it gently by your side without showin the back of thumb through the eyes.

-Main business for pantalone and dottore is to speak of marriage (usually)

-Zanni and Pantalone are friends.

Pantalone's strategy for documents is simply 'agree or don't agree' and sign.
Dottore's strategy for documents is to make Pantalone appear like a fool/humiliated

A happy ending in commedia is to return to the beginning balance. AKA starting with a wedding, wedding gets interrupted, return to the wedding. Etc. Everyone happy.

It was a very short day with some teaching as the long part of the day was set aside for all of us, as one company, to do a canvaccio:

In Pantalone's house with Pantalone, Isabella, la Signora, Pedrolino, Columbina, and Zanni as well as Dottore and Flavio. Dottor and Pantalone are about to go through with the ceremony of engagement for Isabella and Flavio. There is a knock on the door: announcement of Capitano's (and his Zanni) entrance. Ceremony is interrupted and  Capitano produces a letter signed by Panalone promising Isabella to him for marriage. Everyone is confused. End scene.

Next scene: First is the duel of the two lovers. Then the duel of the old men. Then the duel of Signora/Pedrolino as she plots how to get the Capitano for herself. Then the desperate servants who just want the food from the ceremony. Then the Capitano and his Zanni talk about how they created the trick of the document. End scene.

Next scene: Engagement ceremony to begin between Capitano and Isabella. Dottore/Flavio are upset. Arrival of a mysterious woman (Columbina) and a baby (Zanni) who is searching for Capitano. Capitano admits to his trick and the engagement ceremony between Isabella and Flavio can happen once more.