Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Anti-Sing-A-Long Song

A filk I had written that seems to have gotten a lot of strange word fame and addictions from people. 

A special thanks to Hobbe for reminding me who the original was by: Molly & the Tinker.

I will not sing along! Keep your stupid song!
We're the audience, it's you we're here to see!
You're not supposed to train us!
You're supposed to entertain us!
So get to work and leave me be!

When you go out to a play, do the actors turn and say
“Come on, everyone, together say my lines”?
But the bards they get away with this practice every day
'Cause they think you people have no spines.
Well, it's time to stand and fight and defend your basic right
To be silent, any time you choose
When they rise up to begin, it's no crime and it's no sin
To stand up and holler “I refuse!”

Just tell them... (Chorus)

Can a stick jock turn and say “Let's all swing my sword that way”?
Can a dancer holler “Turn and shake my butt”?
But the bards they all expect you to drop your self respect
And then howl like some demented nut
See it's this big old bardic thing to say “Everybody sing!”
It's supposed to show our camaraderie
But the odds are pretty strong that I'm here to sing this song
Why should you do my job for me?

Just tell me... (Chorus)

One more time! (Chorus)