Sunday, April 3, 2016

Klaus Winterhalter's Tyger's Combattant

I have never done a Tyger's Combattant before and, honestly, when I was given this assignment, I wasn't certain where to start. Fighting, in general, is one of the few parts of the SCA I don't know as much about as I would like, but having done one of the AoA level combat awards, I felt excited and confident that I could do this one justice!

When I typically start a scroll, I start by choosing the words that will inspire me and then choose the manuscript based on the words.

For words, I decided on a letter from Ermengard, Viscountess of Narbonne: To view the original letter, click here.

I worked with the words and eventually the scroll wording read as such:

"To Our most beloved populace, by grace of the East, the most illustrious King Brennan, and his gracious Queen Caoilfhionn, greetings, good health and the magnanimity of the Kingdom.

We desire to protect and defend the East and as necessary, We shall not resist the cries of many. It is said that Klaus Winterhalter does strive to deliver up to Us and Ours both commands and service at many times and places. As his arm has taken up the shield of protection and risen in aid of the East, many have willingly and constantly followed behind his arms and his teachings

We do not speak alone, but all our compatriots are consumed by ineffable joy that We see Our Kingdom, on which the vigor of the Eastern Kings and Queens have conferred the tokens of such honors, another is given such recognition.

Let his vigor therefore assume strength and enter into Our Order of the Tyger's Combatant with a strong arm to repress the boldness of Our enemies and give solace to the worthy hope of Our friends. So We conclude at Our time of the Mudthaw in the Barony of Settmour Swamp. Dated this day of April 2, A.S. L by Our very hands."

Once finished, I decided for an illumination choice the Psalter of Saint Louis, circa 1260. I decided to do the whole thing on parchment to give it more of an authentic feel instead of the watercolor paper I often like to use. Here is the final product: