Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walk Like Commedia

This is a quick little filk I wrote after a particularly inspiring Commedia class. It is based, as you can surmise, on the tune Walk Like An Egyptian:

When acting in Commedia
Remember no character's the same
They own a stance, oh-weh-oh
Their singular walk brought them to fame

All vecchi in Commedia
They do a kind of shuffle dance
If they move too quick, oh-weh-oh
There goes their hope of some romance

So crouch down low and walk real slow and say
“I'm a cuckold, yes I'm a cuckold!”
Walk like any vecchi.

Lets look at all the amorosi
They walk on their toes across the floor
They got the moves, oh-weh-oh
They flutter, they float, they dance and more

Arlecchino is loose and spry
Often seen bouncing to and fro
He likes his food, oh-weh-oh
He doesn't know how to take it slow

So walk real tall or have a silly fall and say
“I'm so hungry, I'm so hungry!”
Walk like Arlecchino.

Pantalone with his purse
Crouches down low and miserly
Come Dottore, oh-weh-oh
Gestures at things you can not see

Get down low and watch your back
Brighella has spider fingers sly
Find someone to scam, oh-weh-oh
Try to stand straight and push your lie

Slide feet apart, bend your back
Puff your chest like a pompous jerk
Grab for your sword, oh-weh-oh
Capitano's not that hard work

Let your full hips swing as you walk and sing and say
“I'm a woman, I'm a woman!”
The walks of Commedia
The walks of Commedia

song by Katrusha Skomorokh, 2014