Friday, August 16, 2013

You Inspire Me Week 1

The continuation of the You Inspire Me project.

Inspired by the Godescalc Gospels, dated 781-783.

Today's card reminds me that not only do I need to be working on my kerning, but I also need to be working on my spacing. Hopefully tomorrow's project goes better.

Today's choice of inspiration is Konstantia Kaloethina. For those that do not know Konstantia, she is the creator of the Nobelese Largesse project, which is an A&S swap that happens th...rough out the known world. I believe there were only two Kingdoms missing last time I checked. Talk about inspiration! She inspires people across the globe to create and gift their creations to complete strangers! Beyond that, she is constantly creating things of beauty herself and never seems to stop, neither in her crafts nor in her service to her Kingdom. She is a fantastic woman and if you have not met her, I highly recommend giving her a poke as she is completely friendly. And if you aren't part of the A&S swap? What are you waiting for! It is an amazing way to meet people and really push yourself onto new paths in your own 

Inspired by the Codex Manesse, dated 1310-1340.

I found a nib I liked. This makes me happy. I also made my first smudgey oops and I think I did a good job in covering it up. If you don't know where it is, I did a good job. As another side note, I really need more colors. I can make pretty things but I would be happier with prettier AND more colorful.

Today's person of inspiration is Aislinn Chia...bach. Do you know her? With everything life has thrown at her, she has taken everything in stride with a smile on her face. Why? Because she has that 'just happy to be alive' drive that a lot of us could do better if we had. She is also incredible with her seamstress skills and I wish I could make things half as beautiful as she did. She is much loved, much adored, and I know I speak for a lot of people when I say.. You are an inspiration to me!

Inspired by The Wenceslas Bible, dated 1389-1400.

Today I really wanted to try working on something more... miniature. The last scroll I had had some of the most delicate lettering and illumination and I would love to be able to replicate it somehow. But, truth be told, I don't think I have small enough nibs for the lettering (I used a regular straight nib and tried to get the same effect as the ...angled type. Hi, I don't know terminology). But I also wanted to try sketching and drawing with my smallest nib. I think it was successful, even though there are smudges and smears and droplets and my fingers are colorful. When I get some white ink, I will try and fix and cover it up. Otherwise, I think I am quite pleased with today's product.

Today's person of inspiration is my "sister" in the SCA, Kara Longleggs. She is addictively happy and her giggles and smiles can brighten anyone's day. She is giving and helpful and an amazing and bright person. I adore her completely. But the thing that really inspires me about her is her skills in the performing arts. She can hear a song just once and already know enough of the words to be able to sing with you. She has enthusiasm through the roof. And if there is a group practicing? She will some how smuggle herself in and it will almost feel as if she was always there all along. She is incredible with her performance and she encourages and inspires me each day. Enthusiasm does that.

Inspire by the Psalter of Saint Louis, dated 1260-1270.

I've become more brave in wanting to do smaller patterning. I think these little guys came out pretty fantastic. I had to play with the color scheme and took a painstakingly long time on this piece. I went over things thee or four times, making sure the lines were a little more crisp and such. I'm actually incredibly happy with how this came... out. I even tried to make proper lines for the letters and used my ruler to make things straighter during the sketching period. I can't say the total hours this took me today, but certainly the longer it takes the happier I am. I can see why some scribes work for hours and hours. And today is the first time, I think, that I got all the illumination done, waited for that to dry, and THEN did the calligraphy. Usually I just do it whenever I have the color open I want to use. This... was more excrutiating due to the fact I was so happy with the illumination I was worried I would mess up the calligraphy and be incredibly unhappy.

Today's card is dedicated to all those who make Casa Bardicci happen. And I mean everyone. The people who spend all of the 50 week town run creating and recreating pieces of the Casa (did you see the Loggia this year?!). The people who donate their camp space to the Casa for set up. All those people who spend the first week of Pennsic not relaxing in a hammock, but building this exquisite piece of Pennsic. Those who sing or play instruments within its walls, dance within its walls, guard its walls. To those who make the food, serve the food. There are an incredible amount of people involved in the Casa. And you know what? They are some of the most amazing artisans I know. And it isn't just their skill, it is how they are constantly encouraging others to do all kinds of wonderful things: sing, sculpt, paint, build, smith, you name it. These people are amazing.

This year I shared one of my not so secret goals in the SCA. The Casa inspires me to the most amazing heights, and this year I divulged that some day I hope to create something so beautiful, so amazing... that it would be worthy to take up home in the Casa for others to enjoy.

To me, the Casa is one of those amazing period feelings. It captures the magic for me. And I strive to always put forward my best, always be all that I can be, and the Casa was one of the hands in helping lift me to that level.