Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upcoming plans

Mostly posting here because until my computer is fixed, I can't upload or save files and I want to remember the things I am planning to work on.

I would like to make a medieval gusli as well as learn to play it while singing.

I am hoping to replicate a medieval mixed media icon at some point as a gift for the cathedral at Casa Bardicci. Although I have learned that the pearling was done post period, so I need to start actually researching the Russian icons.

Someone had sent me this link to close up photos of an extant shawl found in Estonia from the 13th-14th century. I've been chatting with my fiber friends and hope to hand spin (on a proper Russian supported spindle) and hand weave the shawl and accompanying trim on it.

I am planning to work on my next metal/glass project by trying to remake (with my own touches, of course) the Merode cup. This will also be a gift.

 At some point I would like to work on period Russian music I came across as well as reconstructing the tales from the Primary Chronicles into tell-able stories/bylina/and poems.

Want to make this: