Friday, October 7, 2011

Prince Ingvar

While listening to a lot of Russian folk music, a tune that is reminiscent of more than one piece began to sway in my head. It was so sad and dark sounding to me that I knew exactly which poem to pair it up with. The story of Prince Ingvar:

Prince Ingvar Ingvarevich was a kind and righteous man who helped to
rule his father's land of Riazan. One day his father called to him and
asked him to travel to Chernigov as a diplomat of Christianity. The
city was in ruins and in need of cleansing. So Ingvar traveled to
Chernigov and in his father's name, he helped to raise the churches
and brought peace back those who dwelt there. The people were so
thankful for Ingvar's dedication that they gifted him a great tithe to
bring home to his father, the Great Prince Yury.

When Prince Ingvar Ingvarevich returned, he found his home destroyed
by the Mongols. Within the city, he found the body of his mother,
Princess Agrippina, and those of his brothers' wives. On the battle
grounds, he found the bodies of his brethren, killed by the hateful
Batu. All the best souls of Riazan were lying on the barren earth in
the frozen grass, covered with snow and ice, and no one cared for
them. Surrounded by his slain brethren, Prince Ingvar fell to his

Oh my treasured lives

How could you close your eyes

How could you leave my sight

Oh my treasured lives

Won't you speak to me?

Why won't you talk with me?

Why won't you look at me?

Oh my treasured lives

You faded too early

You lie on deserted land

Watched over by no one

Oh my treasured lives

Where is your power

Who renders your honor

Your days of glory at an end

Oh my treasured lives

You ruled many lands

Now lie on this barren earth

Faces darken from decay

Oh my treasured lives

If God hears your prayers

Pray that I might join you

No more shall we share our joys

Oh my treasured lives

My tongue does not obey me

My lips close and strength ebbs

Oh sorrow of my soul